White Label Event Design

Esports is not just about an amazing event, but about creating an atmosphere that aligns with your communities expectations.

White-label Event Design

Our white-label event design is a first within the industry, offering the opportunity for production teams, game developers, and publishers to add Number29 to their event production team.

We will work directly with your team, from kick-off through to the event post-mortem to ensure that your brand is represented in the best possible light, potential issues are identified before rehearsals, and broadcast assets and components bring world-class levels of hype.

With over 15 years in live-event design & branding and 3+ years in live esports events around the world, we offer peace of mind to your next event.

Our white-label event solutions offer your team a stress-free approach to event design:

  • Work directly with your creative director/management team to develop world-class event branding
  • Offer best practice solutions and creative problem solving to production design
  • Identify intended atmosphere and community expectations for event
  • Work with production company to create elements that level-up the run of show
  • Provide outsourcing options and established vendor relations
  • Source merchandise options and examples to meet budgetary guidelines

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