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Legends of Runeterra Stream Overlay Kit

Being a streamer is a tough enough job, let alone trying to keep your stream looking fresh for your viewers. That’s why we are excited to share this project with you, at no charge, and hope that this kit helps you in some way to grow your online audience.

Part of our mission at Number29 is to empower online content creators like yourself. As fellow content creators, we understand what it takes, and how hard it can be to create quality content. By giving back to the communities we love, we hope that you will tell others what we are creating.

We hope that this Legends of Runeterra Stream Overlay Kit helps you either find the confidence to stream live for the first time, the motivation to put on a community event to engage your viewers or just some new elements to incorporate into your existing stream package.

Whichever it is, have fun! 👊

Now a Free Download at

Kit Preview

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The download runs close to 450Mb. As you can see from the gallery above, there is tons of stuff in there to use and manipulate, including all of the native Photoshop files.


Master .PSDs of all the overlays.

This includes:

  • Camera Overlay ( Base Template & Regional Emblems )
  • Full Overlay Kit ( Unflattened .psd format)
  • Overlay – Starting Soon
  • Overlay – Just Chatting
  • Overlay – Extra
  • Overlay – Thanks for Watching
  • Twitch Panels ( and .psd template )
  • Tons of extra assets for customizing
  • Fonts ( Friz Quadrata )
  • A Number29 promotional bug (if you were so inclined 🙌)