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Fortnite Tournament Kit for Streamers

Fortnite – Tournament Kit for Streamers by Number29

Thank you for your interest in the Number29 — Fortnite Tournament Kit for Streamers.

We are excited to share this project with you, at no charge, and hope that this kit helps you in some way to grow your audience.

Part of our mission at Number29 is to empower online content creators like your self. We are content creators through and through, and we understand what it takes, and how hard it can be to create quality content.

We hope that this Fortnite Tournament Kit helps you either find the confidence to stream live for the first time, put on a community event to engage your viewers, the motivation to create your own overlays and stream designs, or just some new elements to incorporate into your existing stream.

It’s yours, so enjoy it. 👊

Kit Preview

Please help support this project by Learning More About Us, tweeting to us at @number29GG on Twitter, or joining our Facebook page.

Here is the link you’ve been looking for:

The download runs close to 400Mb. As you can see from the slideshow above, there is tons of stuff in there to use and manipulate.


Master .PSD of all the overlays. (Yeah, its just one .psd. Everything is in there, sorted and arranged. if you have any questions, hit up the comments below.)

This includes:

  • Stats – Player Profile
  • Stats – Duo Profile
  • Stats – Squad Profile
  • Streamer Name Plate
  • Streamer Camera
  • Informational plate for tourney rules, schedule, etc.
  • Lower Third for Casters, or Hosts
  • Replay Frame
  • A Number29 promotional bug (if you were so inclined 🙌)

1  – Fortnite Animated Transition (Both .mov with Alpha, or .png sequence and .mp3 file)

4 – Static Backgrounds that are precomposed to work well with the overlays.

Notes: The .psd utilizes the following fonts (neither of which are included – sorry):
Burbank Big Condensed Bold – You can buy Burbank online, or replace it with Luckiest Guy, which is close, but a bit wider.
Roboto – This font is available as part of an adobe creative cloud subscription. I expect you can buy it too, but probably easier to just replace it.


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